The ITS Mobile team uses Kurogo for application development.

Kurogo is open-source Mobile Optimized Middleware™ for developing content-rich mobile websites and iOS and Android apps. Created by Modo Labs, Kurogo emphasizes extensibility, clean integration, and exceptional UX. It powers the mobile presence of a broad range of institutions, from top universities to Fortune 500 companies.

The heart of Kurogo is a lightweight PHP mobile middleware platform (the Kurogo Server) that aggregates and organizes raw, decentralized data sources from your enterprise systems and delivers them through an award winning mobile web experience and native companion applications. This combination of connectors, business logic, presentation templates, and REST APIs – all created specifically for mobile – is what we call Mobile Optimized Middleware.



kurogo flow chart
From left to right: Back-end data sources (orange) feed into the Kurogo Server (green), which cleans, aggregates, and interrelates data and optimizes it for different types of mobile presentation and interaction (blue).